7 Totally Legal (but Totally Weird) Things You Can Buy on the Darknet

1. A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

"Some assembly required". It's not clear what assembly is required and how the sandwich is packaged. To be fair, these look pretty good.

2. A DIY Home Vasectomy Kit

Not for the faint-hearted. You'll need to supply your own painkillers. I hope the instructions include a bit more detail.

3. A Customised Message Written on this Woman's Chest

For the bargain price of $20, you can get your shopping list written on this woman's chest. This "great birthday gift" is perfect for those that have it all!

4. Ghosts/Spirits

At $120, targeting the premium end of the ghost market, this seller promises the spirits will "change one's life". It's not clear whether that change will be for the better.

5. A Guide To Making Any Woman Squirt

Ever wanted to make a woman "obey your every command"? Just download this guide and she'll be squirting all over the place.

6. 1lb of Sand

"With no additional cuts or adulterants". Yep, this seller will actually ship a pound of sand to any address.

7. Creepy Silicone Masks

Realistic, but also incredibly creepy. Sunglasses not included.

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  • Back around 2001, a chap in Germany was selling boxes of “fresh air” on eBay, and sold quite a lot of them – they seemed to pique people’s curiosity and were quite a conversation piece in certain circles.
    They were all properly packed, quite a bit of effort went in to selecting, constructing and packaging the cardboard boxes from his stash of bits. And of course there was the eBay sale of a “wedding-reception ticket for ex-girlfriends wedding” that fetched several thousand pounds (and presumably resulted in a complete stranger turning up to the reception?).

    Mike Spooner

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