Snoopers Charter Ruled Unlawful by UK Court

The British Government's controversial 'Snoopers Charter' has been ruled unlawful by the Court of Appeal. Tom Watson MP and the human rights organisation Liberty challenged the legislation in court citing the fact that new powers were not only being used to fight organised crime as previously promised.


What is the snoopers charter?

What is the Snoopers Charter?


Security researcher Lee Munson stated 'While no-one in their right mind would argue against surveillance of legitimate terrorist and criminal targets, this Act went way too far in casting a dragnet over ordinary citizens while failing to address the fact that the bad guys are actually quite adept at using technology, such as encryption, that the Bill simply cannot legislate against.'

This latest judgement means that the government will come under new pressure to amend the existing act in order to more adequately defend its citizens right to privacy.

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