How am I protected with DarkNetBox?

You're protected via the Tor network which encrypts all of your internet traffic making it virtually impossible for anyone to trace it back to the source (you).

How can I be sure I'm protected?

There are several online tools which will report your public IP address (used to track you). When using one of our products and visiting these sites you'll notice that your IP address doesn't relate to your physical location. These will often think you're in a completely different country.

Why would anyone want this?

Journalists, whistle-blowers and normal people who care about privacy all use these and similar devices on a regular basis.

Isn't it illegal?

Connecting to the darknet is not illegal. We advise you not to commit any crimes while using the darknet or indeed at all.

Why wouldn't I just buy a Raspberry Pi and make my own?

We encourage you to go ahead. A lot of people are too busy to go down the DIY route and would rather buy something which has been pre-configured and is ready to use.

Is all non-tor traffic safely dropped?

Yes. All of your traffic is securley routed through the Tor network.

Is Javascript disabled?

Yes, all javascript is disabled for additional security.

What kind of software is the darknetbox running?

DarkNetBox is running a modified version of the Raspbian operating system with all traffic routed through the Tor network.

Does DarkNetBox use Tor browser?

No, DarkNetBox uses a modified version of Chromium.

Which version of the Raspberry Pi does DarkNetBox use?

Raspberry Pi 3.

Will my ISP know that I'm connecting to the darknet?

If they choose to look then they'll be able to tell that you're using the Tor network but it's not illegal and thousands of people use it every day.

Is it a one-off payment or is it a monthly subscription?

There is no subscription. When you receive your device you'll be able to continue connecting for as long as you like, free of charge!

Does DarkNetKey work on a Chromebook?

It is possible to boot from a USB drive on a Chromebook, however this currently needs to be manually activated in the boot settings. This is not for beginners but if you feel comfortable following this guide then it will work with the DarkNetDrive.

Why not just download Tor Browser and use that?

By all means use Tor Browser, however we warn that it's surprisingly easy to accidentally send a clearnet request when using Tor browser. DarkNetBox and DarkNetKey give you complete peace of mind, knowing that you're on a completely different system which can't even access the clearnet.

Aren't you empowering criminals to avoid prosecution?

By that same logic, by selling someone a car you're empowering them to break the speed limit. Criminals don't need our products to break the law and we are not encouraging anyone to break any laws.

Does the DarkNetBox/DarkNetKey also use a VPN?

No, adding a VPN into the mix is expensive and unnecessary. Tor is perfectly capable of giving you full anonymity without the need for a monthly VPN subscription. By using a VPN all you're doing is routing your already encrypted traffic through another third party. If you trust a certain VPN provider more than your ISP then this might be a good choice but for most cases it's not.

Can I get the same anonymity with a VPN provider?

No. By using a VPN you're trusting your VPN provider 100% not to: a) give away or sell your browsing history, b) access your browsing data themselves, and c) get hacked.