Can I connect DarkNetBox to my laptop and use it there?
Hi, I'm afraid you can't connect it to your laptop.
Why does my DarkNetBox not power on?
When you plug in the power cable, you should see a small light appear inside the box. You may need to take the lid off the box to see it.
Why wouldn't I just buy a Raspberry Pi and make my own?
We encourage you to go ahead. DarkNetBox is a convenience for people who don't want to go down the DIY route.
Is all non-tor traffic is safely dropped?
Is Javascript disabled?
Yes, all javascript is disabled.
What kind of software is the darknetbox running?
DarkNetBox is running a modified version of the Raspbian operating system with all traffic routed through the Tor network.
Does DarkNetBox use Tor browser?
No, DarkNetBox uses a modified version of Chromium.
Which version of the Raspberry Pi does DarkNetBox use?
Raspberry Pi 3
How am I protected with DarkNetBox?
You're protected via the Tor network which encrypts all of your internet traffic making it virtually impossible for anyone to trace it back to the source (you).
How can I be sure I'm protected?
There are several online tools which will report your public IP address (used to track you). When using DarkNetBox and visiting these sites you'll notice that your IP address doesn't relate to your physical location. These will often think you're in a completely different country.