Getting Started Guide

1. Plug your monitor into the DarkNetBox HDMI port and make sure the monitor is powered on.

2. Plug your keyboard and mouse into any two of the 4 USB ports.

3. Connect the power cable and turn the power on at the wall.

4. When you see the picture of the iceberg, click on the wifi symbol in the top right of your screen.

5. Select your wifi network and type in your password/key (this is frequently written on your wifi router).

6. Once you’re connected (the wifi symbol is solid blue), click on the ‘Chromium Web
Browser’ icon in the top left of your screen.

7. If you don’t see a webpage come up immediately, wait a couple of minutes before refreshing the page.

8. You’re now able to browse the darknet. Check out the DarkNetBox subreddit at for the latest news and information.


Questions/suggestions? Please get in touch.